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Environmental Policy - M&M Militzer & Münch Germany

In accordance with our claim "Responsibility for tomorrow", we have introduced an environmental policy that considers and evaluates all processes from an economic and ecological perspective. Since we feel committed to environmental protection, this policy regulates our dealings with interested parties. It will be adapted to new developments as required.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by individual, sophisticated and ecologically oriented logistics management. We are there where our customers need us - the distances remain as short as possible and save resources.

Authorized receiving agents and forwarders
As an internationally operating company, comprehensive cooperation with these partners plays a major role, always keeping an eye on the use of resources.

To ensure that all processes run smoothly and thus save energy, we work exclusively with reliable subcontractors who have the same objectives.

Customs offices and customs authorities
Here, too, constructive cooperation is indispensable, as this helps to avoid waiting times and thus increased energy consumption.

Legislative bodies and other authorities
The cooperation with these institutions is always efficient and positive, as this also leads to shorter and thus resource-saving processes.

Shareholders/ Investors
Our strongly ecological approach offers great advantages to our shareholders, as they follow the same direction in terms of environmental protection.

Our cooperation with the participating banks is basically based on ecological aspects, which is set out in the agreements accordingly.

Insurance companies
All orders, but especially the transport of dangerous goods, require a maximum of care and professionalism in order to act in the interest of both the environment and the insurance companies.

Our dedicated employees apply their many years of experience every day anew for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection are part of our company's self-image and make an important contribution to the success of the company.

The environmental policy is made available in digital form by the environmental officer and published on the company's homepage.

Hereby the management commits itself to maintain, develop and improve the environmental management system and to fulfill applicable and binding requirements. In addition, we commit ourselves to protect the environment and, as far as possible, to prevent environmental pollution.

Release: Managing Director
December 2020