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The history of Militzer & Münch

Pioneering spirit, foresight, and courage

Militzer & Münch´s founders were pioneers 140 years ago when they set up their rail freight forwarding company. Pioneering spirit also moved the Militzer & Münch experts to venture into airfreight as early as the mid-1950s, and then to add groupage transports via road and rail from Germany to such remote destinations as Iran and Afghanistan.

Militzer & Münch proved its foresight, its pioneering spirit, and its courage again when it was among the first companies to successfully establish itself in the new, promising markets of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and China, thus paving the way for its clients.

That same spirit still drives Militzer & Münch today – it drives us to develop new logistics and cargo handling concepts and processes and to continually expand and optimize our product and service portfolio as a trusted, competent, and high-performance partner for our clients.


  • Richard Militzer & Werner Münch the founders

    Richard Militzer & Werner Münch

  • Railway branch in Selb / Germany around 1898

    1898 branch in Selb

  • historic railway branch of M&M in Wiesau / Germany

    1907 branch in Wiesau

  • Newspaper articel about Trainferry-Sammelverkehr M&M

    1920 Trainferry Sammelverkehr