M&M Militzer & Münch


On time to the farthest corner of the globe: As an official IATA agent, we have built an extensive transport network of our airfreight offices and exclusive partner representations. It lets us connect the five continents and ship your goods around the globe. Our transport and logistics expertise having matured over the decades, complex project transports have become business as usual. 


Beyond five continents

… we work for you day and night so that express goods arrive on time, even in the most remote areas of our planet. This is essential so as to seamlessly integrate our delivery services across five continents. Especially when time is not on our side. A large cargo plane can take on around 130 tonnes. Placing and arranging the various shipments inside forces our team to demonstrate considerable sensitivity and spatial awareness. After all, it is vital to fully utilise every cubic metre of space.

This is the only way to meet our own efficiency and profitability targets. Working alongside our partners, we bundle expert know-how and IT competency. Air freight consolidation, direct shipments and charter flights – our air services connect you directly with your procurement and sales markets around the globe. Guaranteed.

In over 60 years as an official IATA agent, we developed a worldwide network of in-house air freight offices and exclusive partner agencies. Complex dangerous goods shipments, express and courier services, door-to-door shipments, customs management of your goods and all-in handling of especially urgent shipments are now, thanks to our decades of experience,  part of our daily business.

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Charter transports

Simple & flexible

Profit from the maximum flexibility of our airfreight charter transports. Whether extraordinary goods, out-of-the-way destinations or tight schedules: Where airfreight standard solutions are not enough, the Militzer & Münch charter comes into play. We plan every detail of your charter transport, including customs management.

With long years of experience and specific knowhow in the airfreight and charter sector, our employees submit an offer exactly tailored to meet your requirements. With points of departure or destinations that are difficult to reach, with tight time frames, extraordinary goods or in urgent cases of emergency, we find the right charter for you! We offer full or part charter services with reliable airlines, with the right equipment and of best quality. With the Militzer & Münch charter transports, goods reach their destination undamaged and on time.

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Emergency shipments

Our special service

In an emergency, every second counts. Our experts are there for you 24/7 so they can react at once in urgent cases. An aircraft that is grounded or a marine engine with technical problems in mid-Atlantic – Militzer & Münch handles the complete transport of spare parts including customs management. Our Emergency Shipments team delivers the appropriate spare parts via airfreight, as fast as possible.

Aircraft on ground
Technical problems prevent the plane from flying? In such a case of Aircraft On Ground (AOG), immediate action is essential. The right parts have to be supplied fast so the repair can be done swiftly. The Militzer & Münch is a specialist in emergency shipments, with fast and competent delivery via air. Our customers can track the current status of the delivery at any time online – also the customs status and exact time of delivery.

Engine trouble on the high sea
Technical failures in ships can also have serious consequences; passengers cannot continue their trip, goods don’t arrive in time. In order to guarantee swift repair, reacting quickly is essential. The Militzer & Münch airfreight special services also comprise Ship Spare Logistics: With technical failures, the necessary spare parts are delivered to the nearest destination of the vessel via airfreight. Here, too, the customer can of course track the current status online at any time.

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Express airfreight

When the time frame is thight

When the time frame is tight: For your urgent shipments, we offer the whole range of comprehensive express airfreight services. Whether temperature-sensitive or fragile goods, airfreight is the safest and fastest solution on the medium and long haul routes.

We put together an offer that meets all your requirements, and see to every detail of your transport. Our express airfreight team chooses the best route, ensures the expert handling of your goods and of course also handles the entire customs clearance process. With the Militzer & Münch express logistics solution, no precious time is lost.

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