Full service from A to Z


We handle the logistics for your projects. Experienced and flexible, we provide fast and safe project transports – from routing to packaging, to customs clearance and on time delivery. 

Full service from a to Z


We handle the logistics for your projects. Experienced and flexible, we provide fast and safe project transports – from routing to packaging, to customs clearance and on time delivery.

Logistics management as we see it is the organization of a global, multi-modal supply chain from drafting the contracts in compliance with the relevant tax and customs legislation to the selection of the optimal transport route, taking into account the best location for custom clearance, to warehousing solutions and local distribution at the place of destination. 

This includes complex investment projects such as the transport of oversize and heavy machinery and components or moving entire production plants. Our industrial solutions are the answer to all your logistics requirements. We increase the efficiency of your supply chain by taking on the management of complex logistics tasks; this includes managing internal and external interfaces.  

Our service begins already before the transport: Militzer & Münch offers expert consultancy on the optimal import and export processes. We also support you with all the documentation needed and offer appropriate insurance.  

For individually tailored project logistics solutions, we make use of different carriers – whether air, sea, road or rail, be it in Europe, the Maghreb, the CIS, the Middle East and the Far East.

With our warehouse management system, we optimize the use of all warehousing resources and guarantee end-to-end transparency, safety and security. 

Heavy Cargo Transports

No problem for Militzer & Münch

Shipping oversized cylinders for a hydropower plant in Central Asia or heavy printing machinery: With us, your heavy cargo is in strong hands.

Militzer & Münch plans the best route for your transport. From place of origin via sea, then via rail, and delivery to destination by truck? No problem. We have all modes of transport at our disposal; we combine different carriers – complying with the highest safety standards. Even under extreme conditions like in the high mountain ranges of Tajikistan, Militzer & Münch delivers your heavy cargo transports to their destination, safely and on time.

Before we get your goods going, we obtain the necessary permits. We also organize road blocks and escort vehicles. Our local experts ensure the smooth customs clearance of your heavy cargo transports.

Well Grounded

Project management for logistics

From the schedule to customs management to on time delivery: Militzer & Münch supports investment projects and the development of the appropriate projects structures from the initial phase. We offer in-depth consultancy on the optimum import and export processes and find the correct answer to all questions concerning customs and tax laws. In the course of the project, the focus is on setting up professional supplier management and supply chains while minimizing the project logistics interfaces.

Our companies in the different countries cooperate closely and design individual logistics solutions – whether an entire factory moves, or rotors are transported. With detailed planning, intensive communication and a high degree of flexibility, we ensure the smooth project management for your logistics. Our project teams do all the coordination and handle the execution of your projects – hand in hand.

Effective logistics management relies on a state-of-the-art IT structure. With our warehouse management system, we optimize the use of your warehousing resources. A reliable tracking and tracing system informs you of the location and time of arrival of your goods at any time.

From the first steps, Militzer & Münch give you advice and combines the different carriers for an optimal total solution. We also obtain the necessary permits and transport insurance for you. For successful project management in logistics from start to finish.

It’s all about the right handling

Special transports

 Solutions for complex challenges: With special transports, detailed planning and precise coordination are especially important – from choosing the route to the safe packaging of out-of-gauge goods.

For the transport of a printing machine for instance, the Militzer & Münch teams in Dresden, Berlin and Minsk cooperated closely. The machine was disassembled at the manufacturer’s plant at Radebeul, Saxony. With the parts loaded onto six taut liners, the special transport went to Masis near Yerevan, the Armenian capital, a distance of 4,000 kilometers.

The biggest challenge: At customs, the printing machine had to be cleared in one go; the six trucks had to arrive at the customs terminal together. Owing to clever dispatch schedules and good cooperation across national borders, even the drivers’ different driving times were no problem, and the six-truck special transport reached the Armenian customs terminal on time.

in safe hands

Dangerous goods transports

Groupage shipment or door-to-door: Militzer & Münch offers its customers the entire service portfolio from one source. This includes dangerous goods transports – across Europe, Asia, America and North Africa.

Owing to decades of experience and specific knowhow, we are perfectly familiar with complex dangerous goods transports. Offering intelligent organization and competent service, our experts are by your side; from drawing up and obtaining the necessary documents or special permits for dangerous goods logistics to the coordination of the dangerous goods transport to proper and safe loading.

As your trustworthy partner for the transport of dangerous material, Militzer & Münch assigns a dangerous goods safety adviser from its own ranks to support you. Our employees regularly take training courses. Moreover, our Stockstadt branch is SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) certified. The SQAS certificate confirms the quality, safety and environmental compatibility during the transport, storage and loading of dangerous goods. It goes without saying that we also help you in storing and commissioning dangerous goods.