Hof, 31.01.2024. For years now, Militzer & Münch Germany has traditionally decided to forgo a Christmas campaign in favour of donations to various charitable organizations. This time, a total of EUR 5,500 went to Diakonie Hochfranken, the SySTEP daycare center in Schwarzenbach/Straßdorf and the MPS Gesellschaft Deutschland.

M&M Germany donated EUR 1,500 to the St. Elisabeth youth welfare center run by Diakonie Hochfranken. The young people cared for live together in different residential groups, experience affection and community and are supported in all life situations. The educational team provides the group residents with advice and support on all personal, family and everyday issues and helps them to establish new perspectives and positive experiences – the aim is to enable them to deal with past unfavorable experiences and developments so that they can face their future with greater strength. This also includes great shared experiences and leisure activities that enrich the children and young people and allow them to grow internally: during the summer vacations, for example, the residential groups go on vacation!

Photo: Hannes Geißler, Branch Manager of M&M Militzer & Münch GmbH, Hof, and Jasmin Pressler, Diakonie Hochfranken


The SySTEP.de children’s day care center in Schwarzenbach/Straßdorf is an exceptional facility with a unique selling point. EUR 1,500 also went there.

It is probably the only “fire department daycare center” where regular activities are carried out with the fire department and the weekly forest day gives the children space and time to try things out and gain new experiences in different settings. The 20 girls and boys supervised there are allowed to go into the fire station, the fire engine or even hold the fire hose themselves. The enthusiasm of the kids and their shining eyes speak for themselves during such activities!

Photo: Viola Rockelmann (left), Managing Director of M&M Militzer & Münch Deutsche Holding GmbH, and Hannes Geißler (back left), Head of the Hofer M&M branch, handing over the cheque

(Copyright Foto: Sandra Hüttner)



Another organization that is particularly close to Militzer & Münch Germany’s heart, the MPS (Gesellschaft für Mukopolysaccharidosen e.V.), received a donation of EUR 2,500.

Mucopolysaccharidoses, mucolipidoses and mannosidoses are rare, congenital metabolic diseases. Due to an enzyme defect – to put it simply – the “waste disposal” in the cells does not function properly. The constantly accumulating “waste” leads to steadily increasing, severe physical and mental problems. However, the diseases vary greatly in their progression – from relatively mild to very severe. Many patients do not grow up.

Photo: Thomas Winter, Managing Director of M&M Militzer & Münch GmbH and Antje Petersen MPS, at the handover of the donation

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