Augsburg, December 18, 2023. The Maghreb countries, especially Morocco, are important trading partners for Germany; the number of shipments handled by the M&M Maghreb hub in Eichenzell is steadily increasing.

One reason to further expand activities: In February 2023, a satellite office of the Eichenzell branch was opened in Augsburg; from January 1, 2024, the office is to be run as an independent, German M&M branch under the leadership of Trade Lane Manager Maghreb Fourat Chetoui.

While the team in Eichenzell specializes in groupage transports, the focus in Augsburg is on direct freight business to and from the Maghreb, i.e. FTL/FCL transports to and from Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.


Not just groupage freight

“We owe the positive development of our Maghreb transports to the groupage segment so far, but now we also want to strengthen our portfolio with direct loads,” says Managing Director Thomas Winter. “We are addressing a different clientele here: Augsburg is to accelerate the development even further by concentrating on direct loads; if necessary, we can turn Augsburg into a second Maghreb hub.”

The German M&M Road division, including Augsburg, is strongly positioned with 16 locations in Germany. Are there plans to add more? Says Managing Director Thomas Winter: “We are expanding the network where it seems sensible and profitable for us and our focus trade lanes.”


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